Guided Import

Dashboard Overview

1. Add/Start Guided Import – Launch the wizard to add a new online shop through a guided tour.
2. Sync Data List – Displays all product synchronizations in a chronologically sorted list.
3. Edit Wizard – Modify the settings of the guided import.
4. Manual Sync Start – Initiate the synchronization manually.
5. Delete Wizard – Remove the entire wizard and all associated settings.

Start the guided import (wizard)

By clicking the blue “Add/Start Guided Import” button, the guided import will begin:

1. Import Name – Select a name for your import.
2. URL/Domain – Input the base URL or domain of your shop. Remember to include “https://” before your domain.
3. Choose CMS – Select the shop system or content management system your shop operates on.

Authenticate/Connect PDC with your Shop

1. How-To Video – Click the link to watch the tutorial on generating API keys and integrating them into the PDC.
2. Consumer Key – Enter or paste the “Consumer Key” that you generated from your shop.
3. Consumer Secret – Enter or paste the “Consumer Secret” that you generated from your shop.

Category and Country Selection

1. Product Categories Selection – Choose the category, and consequently, the products you want to update with data from the PDC. (Every product must be assigned to at least one category beforehand. Otherwise, the PDC cannot recognize the product.)
Tip: To update only specific products in your shop, create a new category, add the desired products to it, and then select this category from the dropdown menu.
2. Country/Region Selection – Choose the country you are from or the language you prefer. For instance, if you select USA, product descriptions and other texts will be delivered in English. Similarly, if you select France, you’ll receive texts in French, and so on.
3. Overwrite Data – If you enable this option, the existing data in your store will be overwritten with data from our product database. If you disable this option, we will only import data into fields where no data currently exists in your shop.


Completion of the Wizard – Review the information and click “Complete” to finish the setup. You can always change your settings later. Once you click “Complete”, the system will start syncing your products.