The world's biggest product database

Information of more than 1 billion products with over 80 product attributes incl. pictures and product ratings. The information is available in 19 languages.

Who is our offer for?

Are you looking for product data to set up your online store or to make your offer available in additional languages? You want to operate a price or product comparison portal? You are looking for suitable product images, product descriptions, bullet points, price data and much more? 


Over 1 billion products are stored in our database. We are the largest provider of product data worldwide.

Connection via API

CMS online stores, merchandise management systems, product information systems and much more.

Product images

Without copyright infringement and consumption of server memory, over 6 billion product images available.

Product descriptions

SEO optimized product descriptions. All texts are individualized before import.

Price data

Automatically take the current lowest price from Amazon or Google and save planning time.


For many products-(category) we offer a sales forecast for the respective product. Unique!

Auto update

When new products are added to your portfolio, they are automatically provided with all the information.


We do not guess, we provide you with the keywords provided by Google and Amazon themselves.

Reduce costs

Through us, you save 99% of your costs for the acquisition and updating of product data.

How does the PDC work?

The ProductDataCloud reads the EAN, GTIN, ASIN, ISBN, or UPC numbers of the respective products stored in your software system fully automatically, downloads the product information and imports it into your corresponding software systems. If additional products are added to the portfolio in the system, ProductDataCloud recognizes this and updates the product information without you having to check or instruct anything.

How can you use the PDC?

You can take advantage of ProductDataCloud in 3 simple steps.

1. create an account

2. connect your account to your system via API

3. choose which data (images, description, price, etc.) you want to import

Done! The PDC now imports all product data into your system fully automatically. 


You pay per successful query. It does not matter whether you request only 3 attributes or 30 attributes per product. The price remains the same.
per query
  • Images (incl. iFrame link)
  • Product titel
  • AI generated & SEO optimized Product
  • Product history/information
  • Brand history/information
  • Feature Bullets
  • Brand
  • Videos (manufacturer promotional videos)
  • Amazon A+ Content
  • Prices of other dealers
  • Amazon reviews
  • Google reviews
  • Forecast (Amazon)
  • SEO Keywords
  • ASIN
  • Amazon Product Categories
  • Amazon Best Seller Rank (categorized)
  • Amazon link to the product (Affiliate ready)
  • Google link to the product
  • User manual PDFs
  • much more information

More than 99% cost advantage

According to statistics, e-commerce merchants face cumulative costs of more than €300.00 per product in order to present the product attractively to the customer and to obtain corresponding purchasing and sales-promoting data. The cost centers for this are personnel, image rights/product shots, product descriptions, hosting, administration, updating, external service providers for market – product analysis data and much more. You have more than 99% cost advantage over retailers who do not use ProductDataCloud. Don’t miss your chance!